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Summertown, TN, USA
2 primary owners of the holding company (jordan ruben (garden life)- dr. josh axe) finance, it, legal Ken and his executive mgmt team were the early employees there - has been a natural products industry with Jordan and exec team - built garden of life sold it 7 years ago started multiple companies and brands get real holding company - other partners in holding acquired or launched brands ancient nutrition -protein brand,Numa essential oil brand, functional fungi other brands and concepts launched in 18 months functional fungi- manufacturing in california- R&D, formulate, from that location supply patented raw materials supply to other nutrition companies retail brands- functional fungi - take medicinal mushrooms that have been used in chinese medicine. patented this process fungi based fermentation process at the core of who they are product idea and manufacturer and distribute to third party supplement manufacture or resellers or through their own brand sell primarily to vitamin shoppe, whole foods, etc have online re-sellers and chiropractors $125mm combination of four main operating company ancient nutrtion fungi- formulate products for dr. axe numa dr. - nashville (dr. axe products have branded protein, they also sell ancient nutrition, -traditional health and wellness website pump out content, draw people into their social media platforms) sell naturall products Jordan and Dr. Josh put up the funding for this activity haven't outsourced their hiring someone who works in nashville location- who hires for them -she does a lot of the administrative director of quality is most important - supplement dietary send